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About us

About us: The basic idea of this site is for all to be able to discuss, buy, sell, or swap anything (Whether music related or not). Taysty morsels gives a regular update on site. And Muso's can also advertise new releases and upcoming tours for free

There is a listing of things that I have for sale/swap within the Shoppe (all prices are of course negotiable, and swaps are preferred), and anyone is welcome to advertise their items at no cost. (If more than 25 items use the Shoppe, if less then please use the forum. Still free, and getting more diverse).

The reference numbers shown next to items in Ye Shoppe indicate who owns what, and if anyone contacts me regarding the item. I simply refer the mail to the owner to negotiate (so no middle man or fee's).

So if there is anything of interest or you would like to include any items to sell, simply contact me or visit the Swap forum.

The swap forum is to allow everyone the opportunity to sell, swap or discuss music or interests. Motorbikes feature heavily as that is my interest :-)

About us /me. I have always (who has not) had an interest in music and thought, why not share that enthusiasm and maybe even learn and obtain more!

This is obviously just a hobby, but I want to be able to offer all music lovers/ musicians, enthusiasts the opportunity of advertising anything wanted, for sell, to buy or just discuss anything including upcoming tours or new releases etc for free

When you look at sites like E-Bay, there are plenty of people paying for this service, and I am hoping to attract more people like them to this site to advertise and get a good following interested in buying. And lets face it the more that use it the better for all. And unlike E-Bay its free!!

Well thats all about us

I am working daily on this site, so do keep visiting, as the better I get, the more for others to see. And do add this page to favourites. And any ideas or feedback would really be apreciated.

As can be seen. I am very new to this and I am learning how to build a site at the same time.

If anyone know's how to build a search function for the shop with the ability to show a picture, song listings and details. Please contact me. I can obtain one for a yearly fee, but am hoping to find a free one. Hope you will be patient with me, while I develop this idea, and again please feel free to contact me to provide FEEDBACK or comments!!


The Dear diary below, some would say is not professional. But it provides me an opportunity to let family and friends see what I am up to. Saying that, all are welcome to visit.