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Australia Day

Music Diary

History of Australia Day

"In the evening of this day (January 26 1788). The whole party that came round on the supply were assembled at the point they first landed. The union jack was raised and the marines fired several volleys, between which Governor Phillip and his Officers drank to the health of His Majesty, the Royal family and the new Colony". The day was uncommonly fine and concluded with the safe arrival of the Sirius"

Blacktown council once again are organising a great Australia day with acts such as Dragon and the Choirboys to name two.This year main band will be Mental as Anything . See u there

Aussie Day Music Video

Australia Day 2009 (Click Here)

Pics above Australia day @ Rooty hill

Click here for Australia Day music video

Australian Humour

Tell him "He's dreaming"

Tolpuddle Martyrs

On the wrong side of the world (OTWSOTW)

Oh when I arrived on Tasmania's shores. OTWSOTW

I saw such sights as I'd not seen before OTWSOTW

We sailed up the river my thoughts and my fears suffered the thought of the seven long years. OTWSOTW

From September the 12th to the barracks we went OTWSOTW

Where the magistrate said if i ought to repent OTWSOTW

By breaking my hope and betraying my friends they said if i did i'd be making amends. I told them in preference my hold I'd stay stead. OTWSOTW

So I worked on the road with the chaingang by day OTWSOTW

And at night on the earth with no covering I lay OTWSOTW

I looked through the roof at the rain and the stars, the irons on my legs bought rhematics and scars, and these were the least of my sufferings by far OTWSOTW

And from Government favour they made me excempt OTWSOTW

And in seeking employment were many days spent OTWSOTW

I walked fifty long miles without breaking my fast without hope without friends through that Country I marched. Until I found work for a Master at last. OTWSOTW

So I worked as a slave just for shelter and board. OTWSOTW

And staying alive was my only reward OTWSOTW

One day in a Journal I happened to see, Tolpuddle Martyrs were all pardoned and free, Though no one had troubled to tell this to me. OTWSOTW

So my freedom was found and my passage was paid OTWSOTW

And long preparations for leaving was made OTWSOTW

I boarded my ship and I sailed with the tide in the long weary months till old England I spied. I thought of all those who still suffered and died OTWSOTW

Where a punishments brutal and mercy is rare OTWSOTW

Where a man dies alone and theres no-one to care OTWSOTW

Where lashings are many and kindness is few, they work you like dogs and they drive you anew, and those who go home with a joyfull adieu OTWSOTW (Written by Talisan)

"WIN" The Top Album of all time!

"WIN" The Top Album of all time!

Why not show your choice of the Top 10 Albums of all time.

After 30 entries, I will then compile a new list based on the most popular albums, and provide a prize of the Album voted number one.

Australia Day
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2 Feb Thailand

PICS ABOVE Views of Nong Khai

Hi All, We have been in Pattaya since Monday. We spent 2 nights in Bangkok, which was an EXPERIENCE! We can understand why people say you have to see it to believe it. (I'm still not sure if Garry/David's blood pressure is back to normal!!) We are staying in Lek Villa in Naklua , so away from the bars in general. We are on the 5th floor,so have a good view over Pattaya. We visited a Wat (temple ) yesterday , which had a beautiful view. Garry has sampled locusts, but finds the legs get stuck between his teeth!! I haven't been quite so adventurous,but have enjoyed the food that we have had.It is good being with Dave, as he tells them I don't like it spicey. (or at least that's what he tells me he says to them!) We've managed to get Dave to part with some of his money on good accomodation, the hotel we are in is lovely, large pool,marble floors and a good views. Tomorrow we will fly to Udon Thani where we will meet Gan's sister,Som, as she has taken time-off to spend with Dave. We will go to Nong Khai,and then travel by car to Gan's village,where Dave will stay in his house, Garry and I will travel back to stay in hotel in Nong Khai, and Dave will then travel between village and us , on his motorbike. We then intend to travel on, to Kho Samet , but we are not to sure yet of our final itinarary, we'll let you know when we know. Emma and David-hope all is well ,and the dogs are behaving themselves,I'm sure they're missing us more than you are! Mum-thanks for your phone call you just made! (I was literally just typing this when you rang!)Garry says thanks for his birthday card and present. Jan-Happy Birthday and I hope you are having a good time in The Maldives. We will try to email again, but it may not be so accessable in the north.

Happy birthday Garry & Jacqui Feb 08

Pics above G & J's Birthday + cake, Water being delivered to Ko Samet, Nong Khai and me, Bussaba and Nazza, Me & Em, Welcoming ceremony, Oy & Noy

24 Feb 08 Friends in UK

My first time at Tobys carvery Frimley. I must get used to grazing so I can also have a body like Garrys. Went with gaz, Jacqui, Simon (nice guy), and Kelly (from Newcastle Australia, so not so nice :-)

27 Feb

Dinner at home with my Mum, Dad, Sister Sharon and Steve. Very late night and very good fun (tho the picture does not do the occasion justice (they all cringed that I was going to take a pic) It was a really fantastic time for all, going to miss them so much when I return to Australia.

Lord Derby Pub Nth Warnborough Hampshire

From Gazza

Had great time so nice to be with my friends,wish we could do it again & again. Dave tasted everyones food now he has a body like mine, going to miss him when he returns to Australia.

On our way to Wales via Bournmouth !!

Eight Bells Alton March 3 Claire Pete and Dave

Was a bit drunk but had a great time. Took a really sexy young lady to pub tonight to catch up with two friends. Wish had taken some pics as you could see people wondering how someone like me could pick up something like that! Anyway, was a great night for all. All the best Dave with your future plans, and Pete was great catching up with you at last. Look forward to the next time wherever it may be.

Claire, you realise we have now been out for drinks in Australia, Thailand and UK! We cant keep meeting like this, people will talk.

Happy Birthday Emma March 7

Triumph Bonnie Thanks for the loan Dave


Diary part 4

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