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Rooty Hill

AustraliaDay 2009

Date 26 January 2009 Location Rooty Hill Sydney

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4.00pm Entertainment including The Kamis, Wild Aussies Kids Show, Anthems of OZ, the Australian Blues Brothers Show and headlining is Australian Rock Legends, Mental As Anything. Huge variety of rides and they are all free! Wood chopping, Sheep Shearing and other traditional Australiana.

At 7.45pm see the 4 man parachute jump which has been a 15 year tradition at this event. The 50 sq metre flag was not held this time due to weather.

The day ended with a fireworks spectacular. Nice catching up with you Chris.

January 31 Sydney Night Ride with Charlie & Co (CLICK HERE)

Went for a night ride yesterday with 8 friends. Most of us started from Charlie's house @ Pendle Hill. From there we rode via Camperdown/Ashfield to Ultimo. The views of the approaching City are just incredible and crossing Anzac bridge is a view too impossible to describe.Sydney at night is just like a black Opal. One real funny sight was a group of mini bikes (mostly 50cc) next to the soldier statue (actually chatted with them later at Harrys pies and peas). The first stop was The Rocks. Here we met the rest of the group at a very busy pub with a rather attractive and easily excitable group of woman as our companions on the next table. Starting to see why so many people like owning a Harley here. None even seemed to know what a Triumph was!

Much to the disapointment of a few of the lads (and the woman) we then headed to Harrys Pies and Peas. After a chicken and mushroom pie with mash and mushy peas smothered with cheese sauce, and a conversation with a Honda mini bike owner (A group who met on a forum!). We headed to Kings X.

I have been to the cross many times and all the bikies park in a certain spot, so its great to just walk past and look at them (plus the constant eye candy) But to have my bike amongst them was a first. I even went to a shop there, and if you know the cross then you will understand when I say I hope Gan likes the toy I got her :-)

After my purchase, we headed to Bondi, and parked outside the pavilion. Unfortnately where we wanted to go was closed for a private function. So we headed to Parramatta, and the sidewalk cafe's on Church St. Coffee and Perv and we all headed our separate ways.

Riding home at 2 am was still T-shirt weather. I realise most of you reading this would not know any of these places, but its a trip I will be doing regular with anyone from overseas as it is mind blowing with the night life, beaches and scenery.

Next day & been awake 3 hours now, STILL BUZZING! (more to follow later) australiaday @ Charlies 2

After seeing these bikes. Want to see some real ones? :-) CLICK HERE

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