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If you have an internet business link....... > "LET ALL KNOW"

Include your business link here. It does not have to be Music!

For the best new Triumph info available on the world wide web. And not slow or restrictive like the Prat site. Have to register to view but well worth it.

Why not build your own site?

Frugal and simple living

Sexy models on catwalks ( It is to music ! :-)

Thanks Renee, and all the best with your site. I still believe it was my animal magnetism that drew you here though :-) Be it stylus, hi-fi turntables etc

... I assume you are looking for a player for your vinyl classics. Maybe you are also collecting more vinyl records, the fashion seems to be turning round! On the other hand it could just be that you are looking to get a record player, to play your records in order to copy them to another medium.

Message: Taylor ...:

click 4 Tays Space!

g'day David have been keeping a close eye on the buildings of yor site, looks like its shaping up 2 be a pretty interesting venture of yourn, the swapping is an idea too unused. With that, above's a link to my myspace (not a shop, but i use it plenty). Would appreciate if u could keep in touch with the upcomings of yor site and let me know how I can get involved anymore (or help out!) (can message me by clicking the link near top left) cheers, keep in touch Taylor

Earn extra money! This music video appealed to me. (click this link to watch it)

A group of students entered a video competition and I believe 1st prize was $10,000. The site they built was also able to be used to generate an income while studying! How the site earned them money was I GUARANTEE NOT from the Dylan style song or vocals.

Message: "KOMBI here" (click on Spider)

There are many of us starting a new venture or site, so why not show your business link to other people here, or send a message and provide your email address? It does not have to be music based or even related to this site. It's free and a great way to get others to find you.

Just send me some information or a graphic card, and I will add it here and provide a business link that others can have a look.

I cannot promise people will use them, but what have you got to lose, Its free? If you have a site and allow me to link to yours, I wont complain, lol (Laugh Out Loud).

Contact me re business link

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