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Celebrities on Triumph Motorbikes

Hinckley Triumph Motorbikes & Celebrities

Trying to find as many pics of different stars who ride Triumph's. So far: Pink (shown on an SE which She hired during her visit to Australia. The SE has a smaller Alloy wheel. Wonder if she will trade her T100 for one when she returns to the US?). George Clooney, Ewan McGreggor, Ryan Phillipe, Ryan Reynolds, Shia LeBeouf (Transformer), Hugh Laurie with Joely Richardson From "Maybe Baby", Carrie Ann Moss, Rikki Rocket, Ray LaMontagne, Tom Cruise.

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The above pictures are of famous people on Triumph Hinckley Motorbikes (Bonneville, Thruxton, Scrambler). Have heard that Alanis Morissette, Nick Cage, Steve Jones, Matt Adler & Michael Chan also ride Hinckley Triumphs. But so far have found no pictures. IF HAVE ANY GOOD PICS YRSELF THEN CLICK HERE TO SEND ME TO INCLUDE!!!!

Below are some others on Meriden, Harris Triumph Motorbikes + other Hinckley models such as Street, Triple etc Whats Meriden, Harris? (click here)

Some known by me are: Lee Majors, Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan, Steve Mcqueen, Brad Pitt (& Cate Blanchett), Robbie Coltrane, Jay Leno, Richard Gere, Dudley Sutton ( leather Boys with Rita Tushingham ), Clint Eastwood, Evil Kneivel, James Dean, Tom Laughlan, Pamela Anderson, Diane McBain, J J Burnel Stranglers bassist and of course Les Harris.

And who can forget the Two fat Ladies ( Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson ) and of course Elly Mae Clampett ( Donna douglas ) and the Fonz. Please be sure to send any pictures you may have to Celebrities on Triumph Motorbikes so that I can include them.

Picture is the front cover of a book called "Edward Turner. The man behind the motorcycles." The official biography by Jeff Clew Published by Veloce

James brolin as Dr Kiley in Marcus welby, Doug McKeon and Kelly Preston in Mischief

Pictures below of Triumph Motorbikes seen with famous people include Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie, Kaja Wunder (shown with Hugh Laurie). Cary Hart (Shown with Pink) has so far shown no taste in bikes at all.

Kate Hudson & Mathew McConaughty, Robbie williams (as well as The Kills), Christina Aguilera, Heidi Klum, Elvis. Recognise lady with green Jacket next to Streisand? She is now selling her Triumph and featured many times in Triumph ads.(If want to know then contact me). Charlie Boorman and Kerry Anne Kennerley on Triumph courtesy of Deus ex Machina Sydney

I am sure this list will be never ending but do send any pictures if you have them that include the Person and the bike.

Triumph and Celebrities video above ^


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