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Rats Cafe is Not a CLUB

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Bundy & Tex O'Grady Exemption appeal
BUNDY has a right to be barking mad.

You may recall the Minchinbury cattle dog from when she appeared in the Star six months ago, after new RTA laws ...

Harris Bonny
I want to thank everyone for this site as its a tribute to my late fathers work. I appreciate all the comments left on other websites and hope the company ...

I woke one Monday morning to find the 3/8" log chain which secured my '69 T120R to the maple tree in the back yard had been sliced through ...

Chris Not rated yet
I made those screenshots from Mischief and Indiana Jones. Glad you're using them. Here's one from Peggy Sue got Married, but I didn't make this one---got ...

1976 T140V Not rated yet
Just stumbled across some photos of a Triumph T140 I built over a decade ago. It
was basically a junk yard dog. The rear brake set up was made from six ...

James Not rated yet
I finally got it ! I've waited years to get the Triumph that suits me best, and after years of waiting here it is. It is a matching number 1972 custom ...

Derek Sowton Not rated yet
As a youngster, 60s / early 70's I regularly visited my cousins house and watch as his dad fettled a motorbike or two. As i grew into a teenager and my ...

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Why not list your choice of the Top 10 Albums of all time . After 30 entries, I will then compile a list based on the most popular albums, and provide a prize of the Album voted NUMBER ONE, to the Winner.

Ok below, is my daughter Hannah's interpretation (as she does not understand mine!)

"After 30 entries, i will then complete a list based on the most popular albums, whoever's list has the biggest number of the music voted on their list will then win the album voted number one" To enter scroll down and enter your name (or nic) and choice.

A club to sit back with a drink in hand and exchange ideas or music memorabilia / Nostalgia? Rats cafe is just a little different. Why just music? Click here to enter Forum

Music and Nostalgia opens up a lot of other subjects to discuss, and all movies either have music soundtracks or at least a theme tune. What in life does music not cover!

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Take a quick look here. I am building an A - Z of all music Artists and Bands with all facts and figures.

Just fooling around with some new experiments and incantations of mine. have a peak!

And here are more interesting things REALLY !!!


Memorabilia /Nostalgia

Video is of my son. Maybe should send to Funniest home videos