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Dear diary

Xmas Eve 2006

(Diary start date) A diary has to start somewhere! January 1 is the norm, though then you do not get the background music of christmas caroles. So Xmas Eve it is, and "Twas the night before christmas" and all through the Kombi the passengers made a trip to Santa's letterbox at Quakers Hill.

Christmas Day 2006

The morning was very civilised. Presents were distributed by Santa to the music of Kings Choir, Brunch of Eggs benedict with Champagne and orange, followed by Turkey in oven (and a beer or two), then Irish coffees, more present opening, shot drinking competition followed by .....

TOO MUCH TURKEY. Glad someone finds it funny ! READ MY FINGER

Fireworks co-ordinated to music HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007

This has to be the first time in the world that there was no December 26th? I Woke up day after xmas day (27th) with a huge hangover.

December 31 Sydney on the 31st December is always special. But this year was even better. Not because of the fireworks or music, but because I actually managed to get my SBI music web site LIVE (See SBI video at bottom of page), and I got to share the fireworks with my baby's first NEW YEAR.

Jan 20 2007

Have spent the day designing a magnetic business card. The idea is that the face can be removed and a photo placed underneath (business card and fridge magnet). Good idea?. Intend to send one out with any swap made on my site. This is just a draft, any feedback would be great, just click on the face to contact me.

Australia Day 26 January 2007, again

Australia Day 26 January 2007

Our Thanksgiving


February 9 2007

Thanks to everyone for your diary feedback re Business card (All five of you!). The changes (such as music notes) have all been included and if you would like to see the completed version. Contact me either through diary guestbook, contact page OR become a member (you may even get sent a free gift for taking the time to reply to the diary)

March 7 2007

(Diary pictures below)

Tasmanian Devil, Echidna, Albino Kangaroos, Casawary and Koala

My Lovely lady and baby Son have just arrived in Thailand. They will be gone for two whole months, so gonna miss them (Will try not to lament too much in diary). Last weekend, we actually went to a wildlife park to have some pictures of Australian animals to show her family (have attached a few).

The trip is mainly to visit freinds and family but hopefully she will be able to get some Thai music records and singles (English music of course), which are quite rare. Sure will also be bringing back some traditional thai music as well, though not my cup of tea. In case you read Gan (MISS YOU ALREADY)

Ann I will Miss you 22 March 2007

I went to a funeral today of a friend I have known for 25 years. Her daughter Jamie Lee made a eulogy that was so true of her Mother. I am going to miss you Ann. To JL. Your mother was a very special person and if there is another place, she is there for you, in the meantime i am here for you. Thank you Paul and all others for letting me know and Henri for being Henri. It brings home the importance of freinds. Possesions and money are nothing. Love you Ann and Thankyou for being part of my life.

Ironically in March last year I lost my other close friend Alan, also of a heart attack.


Hope you have a great one and give all my love to Mum and Dad. May even ring on Dads birthday

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