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Musicswap or shop shoppe

Musicswap is your place to swap or shop for: CD's, Vinyl Records, or an array of Instruments. In fact swap, discuss or advertise anything!

Prices shown on any item is just a guide and are of course negotiable. But an actual swap is always preferred. To see actual listings available to swap, use navigation buttons at the top.

To see examples of other items available for swapping. Just click on any pictures below. Really what does music not cover!.

(These are only example's shown in table below)

Use the buttons at top of this page to see the actual items available


v1. Goon Show Classic vol 1 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00

v2. Goon Show Classic vol 2 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v3. Goon Show Classic vol 3 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v4. Goon Show Classic vol 4 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v5. Goon Show Classic vol 5 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v6. Goon Show Classic vol 6 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v7. Goon Show Classic vol 7 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v8. Goon Show Classic vol 8 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v9. Goon Show Classic vol 9 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00
v10. Goon Show Classic vol 10 Classic BBC Radio collection $15.00

v36. JJJ Hottest 100 volume 5 $9.00
v37. JJJ Hottest of the Hottest 100 $9.00
v38. JJJ Hottest 100 Volume 9 $9.00

v40. Legends 2 disc II $9.00

V41. Massive Best music Australia and beyond $8.00
v42. Memories are made of this Inkspots,Vera lynne, Billy eckaline, Al Blowlly $18.00

v45. Queen of the damned Various $9.00

v49. Stars of British Jazz Various $8.00
v50. Star selection Various $5.00
v51.. Studio One Selector ( reggae ) mojo $22.00
v52. Sunday sounds double cd Aussie rock Various $6.00

v58. Wam bam thankyou glam Various $9.00
v52. Wild Turkey Genuine Rock Various $6.00


cl01. Barock Organ works $6.00
cl02. Brahms Hungarian Dances $7.00
cl03. Dvorak, Antonin Symphony no 9 $7.00
cl04. Great composers various $7.00
cl05. Habanera Classical (no cover) $8.00
cl06. Mendelssohn Ein sommernachtstraum $6.00
cl07. Mozart musical masterpieces $7.00
cl08. Music box Vivaldui, Dvorak (MP3) $7.00
cl09. Orff, Carl Carmina Burana $8.00
cl10. Schubert The magic of $6.00
cl11. Vivaldi Four seasons $8.00

If you have any music you wish to sell why not either contact me through musicswap to sell here or we may even be able to strike a deal as I am always looking for more stock.

Please contact me re any feedback on musicswap. As I am always looking for new ideas to improve musicswap shoppe.


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