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New Diary Part four

New Bonnie and a friends car parked outside my Aunty Kays house.

March 8 - 11 2008

Went to Reading to visit Wendy Paul Sam & Tom.Very memorable pub crawl, golf and .....

Lunch with Dr, Tea with Vicar arrested by Police!!

Could not really have fitted much more in today. Went for a lovely walk with Wendy around Caversham, followed by my 1st meeting with Pauls sister Cathy who is a Dr at Pangthorne village. Cathy is extending house at the moment and it is looking great. We had a wonderful lunch of various soups cheese's Quich's fresh bread etc with her son Mathew and Paul and Cathys parents, and as Wendy and I had also arranged to visit my cousin Derek who is the Reverend at Emmer Green in Reading for tea we then made our way to the Vicarage. It was the first time I had met his wife Chris, and I also met one of his sons Mathew. They were a really nice, easy going family and we all had a very nice time. Afterwards Wendy and I drove back to her house where I remained with her son Tom while Wendy Collected Sam. I popped quickly down to the local to get some beers, and decided to have a beer and a smoke outside the front of the house. BIG MISTAKE!!! Unknown to me at that time. A 6ft man with a grey hooded jacket, beige trousers and red and white shirt (Hey sounds like me ? at that time), with either an african or Australian accent (wow) had been door knocking around the area I was in, and pretending to be from a utilities company. The Police had been called, so quite a few patrol cars were driving around the area to look for the offender. Well, a three Police car cordon, and a nine police officers circle later, I am being held and interogated whilst poor Tom had them storming the house and questioning him to confirm my story. This was followed by another questioning via mobile to Wendy to also verify all I had told them. Looking back was funny but certainly was not at the time. And I am just so relieved that I had actually been with Wendy all day and the Dr and the Vicar, otherwise I believe I would have been detained for at least a night. LOL

Visited the airfield where Gaz works. Below is one of the jobs they were doing there.

For more pics click here.

Gaz and J outside there weekender in Lasham with one of there Porche.(The buddah head is for the garden).

Southampton 1 Leicester 0

First match for Dad, a new experience courtesy of my sister Sharon and Steve.

Goodbye to the UK.

April 1

Oh by the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARON Jai loves the jacket you and Steve got him. Its perfect for him now as it is getting cooler here. We will eat an ice block for you :-0

April 6 2007


Hopefully as a late present I can bring Jai and Gan to UK to meet you (maybe even Han and Tay)

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