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RAT-S CAFE : Ride Anyones Trips Sydney (R.A.T-S) & BEYOND!!!


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Harris Bonny

 by Chris Harris

Les Harris

(Torquay) Les Harris

I want to thank everyone for this site as its a tribute to my late fathers work. I appreciate all the comments left on other websites and hope the company can still make all Triumph owners happy.

Many thanks Chris Harris

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Derek Sowton

by Derek Sowton
(Birmingham UK)

Doug Hele

Doug Hele

As a youngster, 60s / early 70's I regularly visited my cousins house and watch as his dad fettled a motorbike or two. As i grew into a teenager and my interest in motocycles progressed into owning one, i came to realise that the quiet unassuming fixer of bikes was Doug Hele, and that the Factory Loan bike in the garage was non other than the experimental 'Quadrant'
Brendan, Dougs son, rode a Rocket three (that was once a marshalls bike on the Isle of Man) in club and national races and before that a daytona.
Doug had a respect for the japanese bikes i rode, and would often look at them and ponder.. so thats why they have done so and so.
Many years on and i am now the delighted owner of a Hinckley T100, bought to replace my aged xs 650.

2004 Thruxton - 1995 Speed Triple

by Larry Plass
(Richmond, Virginia, USA)

I've been riding the new Triumphs since 1997 when I picked up a leftover '95 Speed Triple. I've really enjoyed the relative exclusivity the marque still carries despite its great success thanks to John Bloor. A few years ago I picked up a new 2004 Thruxton and modified it somewhat, including some custom PVM rims that were quite a chore to have made (I don't recommend PVM as a company to deal with, try Dymag who now makes custom rims for many applications, or get one of the new 2009 Bonnies with mag wheels). Those of you out there that are intimate with the Hinckley Bonneville series will recognize the bodywork as that from the 100th anniversary T100 (Smuggler seat compliments of Corbin). The triples are unique, powerful engines that I have really enjoyed, yet the twin series has a great (though less powerful) "motorcycleness" type of character to it that reminds me of why I got into riding in the first place. The twins are also a joy to work on compared to the triples, in my amateur opinion. I've enjoyed seeing the large variety of creative bikes that Triumph has created recently, as well as the collective wisdom and wit of those that ride them. - Larry

Comments for
2004 Thruxton - 1995 Speed Triple

ahh the thruxton!
by: Rich

This is the first time I've seen the thruxton, since you first picked it up. do you still have it?


Bloor and Co

John R Nelson, Les Williams, John Bloor, Hughie Hancock, At signing off for Gaydon Motor Heritage Centre weekend of 22nd -23rd August 2009, 50th celebrations organised by TOMCC.

John Bloor Hancock Nelson Williams

Irish in Hawkley

Irish hawkley


Video below of Sydney Ferries Ride

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Why have I started Rats Cafe?


Rat-s (Ride Anyones Trips Sydney and beyond, or Raid Anyones Trips and as Buzz lightyear would say "& beyond", has developed on its own really. From a hobby forum for like minded people interested in music, to a forum that included Triumph and BSA enthusiasts. To a place for people with an interest in bikes of any marque to discuss, but mainly advertise and participate in rides that are happening within Australia.

Its great that Clubs are now also starting to post their future rides, shows and events here. And that there is a large enough group of dedicated riders here to make it worthwhile.

The real advantage is that most forums are specific and set up as a club. And tend to arrange there own events. By remaining just a social group, we are not tied to certain events and can basically pick and choose from many that are organised by specific clubs.

Though there is no doubt it has become far more Motorcycle specific. It is nice to see that the music side does still have an interest, following and participation. And lets face it, Motorcycles and music certainly go together. In fact music is really part of everything in life.

Thanks to all users in helping this forum become what it has. Without postings this place would not exist.


RAT-S Cafe was started, initially because there are a lot of forums available to Australia that covers the Meriden / Harris Era. But very little for the Hinckleys.

Anyway the Internet and Site building is a hobby I really enjoy. My passion is bikes, Kombi's, my lady and my 3 children. I do own a few other bikes other than my baby bon. But none registered and I am seriously looking to add a BSA B31 to the collection one day.

I guess it is more to do with the fact that I have a Hinckley 2002 Bonneville as well as a 1995 Thunderbird 900. And my father had (at the time) a new BSA 1951 B31. So I have always had an interest in both these marques.

Through History both have always been very close, with the movement of certain people from one to other, the amalgamation due to financial issues and even a production of a BSA that was all but a Triumph in name. (See Picture Below)

To sum it up. I would imagine it is hard to find any Triumph fan who does not also have an interest in BSA. And I personally know three people who have a Hinckley and a BSA in their collection. So I cant be alone.

My father would have very little knowledge at all of the Hinckleys. But He still has a passion for the Beesa's. Maybe there is something we can both learn together through rats cafe ?

To visit rats cafe Forum just press the link on pictures below, or use link under the picture's of BSA Thunderbolt & Thunderbird 900.


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