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Singles Listing 7" & 12"

All singles are in swap - abetical order for the music Artist (Surname) or music Band, except various music & soundtrack's , that are in name order. If you are after a particular song, do contact me.

NOTE: To help you find a particular artist/single (until the search ability is functional) hold Ctrl + F on your keyboard to bring up a 'Find' bar

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s01. Band Aid Do they know its Christmas time/ Feed the world $4.00
s02. Booth, Ken Everything I own/Drum song $3.00
s03. Boiling point Lets get together part 1/Lets get funktified part 1 (12") $3.00
s04. Blue, Barry Miss hit and run/Heads I win, Tails you lose $3.00
s05. Birkin, Jane Je taime(moi non plus)/Jane B(nude cover) Swapped
s05.1 Bowie, David (12" Picture Disc) Underground(Edited version)/Underground (Instrumental) $20.00
s06. Bolan, Marc Jasper C Debussy/Hippy gumbo/the perfumed garden of Gulliver smith $20.00
s07. Bowie, David Sorrow/Amsterdam $4.00
s08. Bowie, David Golden years/Can you hear me $4.00
s09. Bowie, David Drive in Saturday/Round and round $4.00
s10. Bowie, David John,im only dancing/Hang on to yourself $4.00
s11. Bowie, David The laughing gnome/The gospel according to tony day $10.00
s12. Bowie, David Young americans/Suffragette city $00.00
s13. Bowie, David Starman/Suffragette city $12.00
s14. Bowie, David Rock n roll suicide/Quicksand $6.00
s15. Bowie, David Do anything you say/I dig everything,Cant help thinking about me, I'm not losing sleep swapped
s16. Bowie, David The jean genie/Ziggy stardust $6.00
s17. Bowie, David Life on mars/The man who sold the world $8.00
s18. Bowie, David Rebel rebel/Queen bitch $8.00
s19. Bowie, David Changes,Andy warhol $8.00

s20. Camouflage Bee sting/Take a ride (12") $9.00
s21. Captain and Tennille Love will keep us together/Gentle stranger $3.00
s22. Cream Pressed rat and warthog/ Anyone for tennis $12.00
s23. Crystals Da doo ron ron/And then he kissed me $8.00
s24. Culture club Do you really want to hurt me $6.00

s25. Dekker, Desmond It mek/007/Israelites $10.00
s26. Detroit spinners Ghetto child/We belong together $10.00
s27. Drifters Kissin in the back row of the movies/Im feeling sad (and so lonely) $8.00

s28. Edwards,Rupie Ire feeling (skanga)/Feeling high $10.00

s29. Ferry, Bryan The in-crowd/Chance meeting $6.00
s30. Ferry, Bryan A hard rains a-gonna fall/2HB $6.00

42. Gerry and the pacemakers Youll never walk alone/Its all right $20.00
43. Genesis I know what I like in your wardrobe/ Twylight alehouse $6.00
44. Green,Al School days/Sha la la (make me happy) $5.00

46. Hush Rocking gypsy king/Bony moronie $3.00
47. Hudson ford Pick up the pieces/This is not the way(to end a war or die) $8.00
48. Hues corporation Rockin soul/Go to the poet $6.00
49. Hot chocolate Believe in love/Caveman billy $6.00

51. Intruders Win place or show(shes a winner)/Memories are here to stay (12") $5.00

53. John, Elton Little Jeannie/Conquer the sun $5.00
54. Judge Dread Je taime(moi non plus)/Look a pussy $10.00

56. K.C and the sunshine band That’s the way(I like it)/ What makes you happy $5.00
56.1 Kelly, Marie Make love to me (a) Sentimental kisses (b) $6.00
56.1 Kelly, Roberta Happy day, Myfathers house, My Sweet lord/Gettin the spirit, walking in the shadow,Speaking my mind (EP12') $5.00
57. Kendricks,Eddie Boogie down/Eddies love $6.00
58. King, Johnathon Everyones gone to the moon/Summers coming $10.00
59. Kiss I was made for lovin you/Hard times $4.00
60. Kinks Dead end street/Big black smoke $8.00

62. Lennon, John Number 9 dream/What you got $10.00

07. Manfred Mann Semi detached suburban mr James/Morning after the party $10.00
08. Mott the hoople Roll away the stone/Where do you all come from $8.00

09. Nesmith michael Rio/Life,the unsuspecting captive $7.00

10. Ohio players Who’d she coo?/Fopp $6.00

11. Presley , Elvis Rockin' with elvis Vol 1 RCA EP Swapped

12. R&J Stone We do it/We love each other $6.00
13. Roxy music Virginia plain/The numberer $10.00
14. Roxy music Pyjamarama/The pride and the pain $10.00
15. Roxy music Street life/Hula-kula $8.00
15.1 Ruffin, Jimmy Farewell is a lonely sound/I will never let you get away $6.00
16. Ripperton minnie Lovin you/The edge of a dream $6.00
17. Ross,Diana All of my life/A simple thing like cry $5.00

18. Stylistics Lets put it all together/I take it out on you $5.00
19. Simone,Nina Do what you gotta do/Aint go no-I got life $3.00
20. Shelley, Peter Gee baby/Im in love again $3.00
21. Skin game Boy down my street/Dirty girls PRE RELEASE PIC SLEEVE $5.00
22. Sherbet Matter of time/Only one you $8.00
23. Status quo Lakky lady/Gerundulo $8.00
24. Summers Donna Macarthur park/ Once upon a time $10.00
25. Summers Donna Cant we just sit down/I feel love $6.00
26. Split enz My mistake/Crosswords $5.00
27. Stevens, Cat My lady d’arbanville/Time/Fill my eyes $4.00
28. Sine Just let me do my thing/ Just let me do my thing (12" Disco version) $5.00

29. Tayshus, Austen Australiana (a) Comedy Commando (b) (12" ep) $12.00
29. Twinkle Terry/The boy of my dreams $10.00
30. T Rex Get it on/Raw ramp $10.00
31. T Rex Metal guru/Thunderwing/lady $10.00
32. T Rex Jeepster/Lifes a gas (picture disc) $10.00
33. T Rex FLIMSY Christmas single $20.00
34. T Rex Ride a white swan/Is it love/Summertime blues $10.00
35. T Rex Hot love/ Woodland rock/The king of the mountain cometh $25.00
36. T Rex Zip gun boogie/Space boss $10.00
37. T Rex Solid gold easy action/Born to boogie $10.00
38. T Rex 20th century boy/Free angel $10.00
39. T Rex Children of the revolution/Jitterbug love/Sunken rags $10.00
40. T Rex Telegram sam/Cadilac/Baby strange $10.00
41. T Rex Truck on (tyke)/Sitting here $10.00
42. T Rex Light of love/Explosive mouth $10.00
43. T Rex Teenage dream/Satisfaction pony $10.00
44. T Rex The groover/Midnight $10.00
45. Tyrannosaurus Rex By the light of the magical moon/Find a little wood $25.00
46. Tyrannosaurus Rex Debora/One inch rock/Woodland bop/The seal of seasons $25.00
47. Tyrannosaurus Rex Debora/Child star $25.00
48. Tyrannosaurus Rex King of the rumbling spires/Do you remember $25.00

49. Warwick. Dionne Do you know the way to san jose/Let me be lonely $5.00
50. White,Barry You’re the first,my last my everything/ More than anything you’re my everything $5.00
51. Wigans chosen few Footsie /7 days too long $45.00
52. Wood,Roy Dear Elaine/Songs of praise $10.00
53. Wonder, Stevie Sucker/Easy goin evening/Saturn/ebony eyes (bonus single from "songs in the key of life") $10.00
54. Wonder, Stevie You havn't done nothing/Happier than the morning sun $6.00

Single's Various Music


42. Thunderclap Newman, Johns Children, Crazy World of Arthur brown, Jimi Hendrix Something in the air, Desdemona, Fire, The wind cries mary Various Swapped
44. Christmas cracker The sounds of Various) $3.00

Single's Soundtracks/Classical music


30. Classical single Bizet,The pearl fisher/Verdi Riggoletto/Puccini,La Boheme/ Cilea,l’arlesiana $5.00
42. The screaming blue messiahs Sudden sway/The associates/Brilliant $10

For an additional $3.00 a Back-up Cd will be provided


If you have any Singles you wish to sell, why not either contact me to sell here or we may even be able to strike a deal as I am always looking for more stock.

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If you have any singles or other music format's you wish to sell why not either contact me to sell here or we may even be able to strike a deal as I am always looking for more stock.