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Soundtracks to movies

and Classical

Musicswapshoppe is more than just Soundtracks. It's your place to swap or shop for: CD's, Vinyl Records, or an array of Instruments. In fact swap, discuss or advertise anything!

Prices shown are just a guide and are of course negotiable. An actual swap would be preferred. To see other listings available for musicswap, use navigation button at the top.

NOTE: To help you find a particular artist (until the search ability is functional) hold Ctrl + F on your keyboard to bring up a 'Find' bar



Ref # Sound track CD PRICE

s01. Absolute beginners David Bowie $10.00
s02. Ali Mcbeal Songs from $17.00
s03. Prince Batman $8.00
s04. Buffy the vampire slayer TV Serial music $10.00
s05. Buffy the vampire slayer vampire slayer The album $10.00
s06. Big Chill More songs from the $8.00
s07. Braveheart Scottish folk $8.00
s08. Clockwork Orange Classic $18.00
s09. Cocktails Tom Cruise $6.00
s10. Cry freedom Steve Biko swapped
s11. Drugstore Cowboy Matt Dillon $6.00
s12. Evita Madonna $6.00
s13. Forrest Gump 2 Disc Tom Hanks $18.00
s14. Gone in 60 seconds Nick Cage $8.00
s15. Good morning Vietnam Rob Williams $5.00
s16. Heartbeat BBC TV Serial $7.00
s17. Million Dollar Hotel S/track $12.00
s18. Mario Brothers S/track $7.00
s19. Moulin Rouge Nicole Kidman swapped
s20. Not another teen movie Maralyn Manson $10.00
s21. Paint your wagon S/track $19.00
s22. Power of one Bryce Courtenay Swapped
s23. Powers, Austin The spy who shagged me $14.00
s24. Pret a porter (miss-labelled as Ready to wear) $10.00
s25. Pulp fiction Travolta $10.00
s26. Reservoir dogs Quenton Tarantino $10.00
s27. Rocky horror show Oz Classic $8.00
s28. Romeo + Juliet S/track $9.00
s29. Spiderman S/track $8.00
s30. Starter for 10 S/track $10.00
s31. The committments S/track $7.00
s32. The Dish Oz Movie $20.00
s33. The full Monty S/track $7.00
s34. The wedding singer s/track $16.00
s35. X Files Songs in the key of X $12.00
s36. War of the worlds Musical Jeff Lynne $19.00

If you have any music soundtracks you wish to sell why not either contact me to sell here or we may even be able to strike a deal as I am always looking for more stock.

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