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Swap Shop Limited Edition,

One-Off's and Memorabilia.

Triumph Bonneville History (Click Here)

Something about this swap shop Triumph Thruxton in Chrome that does it for me. For more like this click on bike.

The bonneville shown is apparently a Limited Edition 11/06 model, brought into Australia to celebrate the introduction of the 865cc engines into the T100's (previously 790cc). The Top 10 Dealers in Australia were allocated 1 each and the colour is actually called Scorched Yellow Pearl. There was no certificate of Authenticity or keyrings etc, so I am more inclined to believe this was a dealer initiated L.E

The Orange seat is actually a stock seat that has been reworked to add an additional 2 inches. A guy called Hank had this made, and I must admit I find it better than the original Triumph stock. Would be great for riders 6 ft or more. The Triumph Thruxton also shown is a 2010 S.E from triumph.

Triumph Thruxton 904 Ace Cafe Special (Click Here) ONLY 15 MADE!!

Swap shop Swap: Triumph Bonneville, Scrambler or Thruxton right side only Luggage Bracket

68 range seat in black/grey. Made to fit a cowl.

(More info at forum)

Remember if have something you wish to swap. Just advertise on the Forum. It is free.


Swap shop Feature: Triumph Bonneville Sixty LE (650 only) and Heuer McQueen one-off Bonneville from Triumphs official web site.

2006 Bonneville T100 aka 865TSS 09

Accessories:Triumph Chrome Chain Guard A9738035,Triumph Chrome Cam Cover A9738034,Triumph Fork Gaitors A9638018,Triumph Chrome Master Cylinder Cover A9738061,Triumph Chrome Lifter Arm Cover A9738075, Triumph Fly Screen A9748021,Triumph Lockable Filler Cap A9930104, Triumph Chrome Headlight Brackets A9738084,Triumph Centre Stand A9758008,Triumph Grab Rail A9738017,Triumph Thruxton Front Mudguard A9708047-PG,Triumph Thruxton Rear Mudguard A9708002-PG, Triumph Thruxton Heat Bar & Rubber T1150069/72,Triumph Thruxton Contemporary Seat T2300603,Triumph Thruxton Seat Cowl Kit A9708079-PG,Triumph Side Panel Metal - Modified with air intakes A9738060,Triumph Leather Pannier Slanted – LH A9528011,British-Customs Air Box Elimination Kit,Triumph Thruxton Rear Suspension T2057985,Wilbers Front Fork Springs Progressive,Silverneck (DE) Polished carburettor clamps Stainless steel,Front Sprocket - 19 tooth 5029030-19,Norman Hyde Footrest Kit HBK101,Norman Hyde Silencers HBS105,Mecatwin Low Handle Bar 03TBO-120,Bonneville Performance Oil Pressure Gauge BP-33 W,RR Oil Temperature Gauge RR111,Moto-Detail Voltmeter 10-034818,Formotion OAT Thermometer FOR-72100,Formotion Clock FOR-72000,Pingle Power Flow Fuel Valve 3/8NPT Hex + 1/4"NPT,Lucas Rear Light 68-313,Kellermann Turn Lights (4) Micro 1000 Chrome,ProOiler Automatic Chain Oiler System,TomTom GPS Rider,Wunderlich Metal Holder for GPS - 8600880,Dunlop Trailmax D607 – Front 110/80-19 – Rear 140/80-18, Stainless Steel Bolts (for AI removal) MIL-A-8625,Ledrie Rollbag (Toolbox) ROL1-1005,Oxford Hotgrips + Heat controller OF695 + OF695SH,Landport Xenon Bulb H4 P43t 100/80W,CTEK Power socket 12v,Mirror Extenders Suzuki


- Paint job by “Paint Atelier”, Belgium www.paintatelier.be,- Centre and side stands raised 2cm (due to longer Thruxton rear suspension),- Norman Hyde Silencers HBS105, - AI (Air Injection) removed. - Air Box removed,- K&N Air Filters installed.- Carburettor Dynojet kit RF-5105 installed - Jetting: MJ 116. Performance: - Max. Power: 64.3 Rear Wheel HP at 7,618 RPM

- Max. Torque: 74.0 Rear Wheel Nm at 5,625 RPM

- Average fuel consumption: 6.0 litres/100km at moderate usage.

Certificate pics above provided to swap shop by Julie and Denis who are the very proud owners of not only an Anniversary Bon but a Centennial. Only 650 Anniversary models were produced, and Centennials were limited to one year of production between 2002/03, with 1061 models produced. The mug and Keyring also came with the new purchase of a Centennial, Triumph got stingy with the Anniversary :-)

Click on certificate to see pictures of these models.

Check this site newbonneville.com for some great aftermarket Triumph parts.

Have added some pics below of just some things that are available.

Limited Edition (L.E) Ewan Mcgreggor and Belstaff

These two designs MultiJack and Live fast were taken from 9 one-offs designed by Paul Smith. The two shown were then produced by Triumph as L.E's.


(Agenda for holiday in Thailand. Visit the factory)

Well I arrived in Chonbury and eventually found a way to get to the two Triumph factories (had to hire a private driver). I was so excited when i arrived, but I just could not get past the gates even. At the security gates I asked to talk to a Manager but they put me on the phone with a Thai receptionist and she would not even let me speak to anyone higher. Was so dissapointed to get so close and not even get past the gates! I so wish I had kept the business card from the UK Triumph rep I met at the Thunderbird opening in australia. At least that would have probably got me past reception, and the opportunity to ask someone higher up. Swap shop card never done it :-(

Newbonnevilleriders.com are running a forum of celebrities who ride a Hinckley Bonneville. So far:

Pink, Hugh Laurie, Ewan McGreggor, Shia LeBeouf, Ryan Reynolds, Alanis Morissette, Steve Jones, Ryan phillipe, Rikki Rocket & Michael Chan (so far). Just love what George Clooney has done with his bike. Clooney has now sold this to Matt Adler.

Have also heard Nick Cage, Jay Leno & Tom Cruise also ride Triumph. If have any pics of any celebs on bike's or Know of others please send to me.

Click here to see more Celebrities

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Triumph Hurricane Vetter, Hyde Harrier & 2002 limited Edition Jubilee Kit (More info on these can be found by clicking on Hurricane vetter.

Triumph bonneville Bikes, Parts and Accessories FOR SALE OR SWAP

18 Nov swap shop Diary continues

A lot has happened since my last swap shop diary entry so will just put notes and elaborate later.

September 8 Jaidee's B/day

Well Jaidee is now 2 and has 3 Passports! Australian, British and Thai. He really was not that interested in his presents or passports, but we must have sung Happy birthday at least 20 times so that he could blow out the candles.

October 17 Gans B/day

Her main present is a trip to New Zealand to visit her friend there. This cant actually happen yet as we are still waiting on her visa from Embassy. We did go for a nice meal though and she got Gold ear rings from Jai

Warragamba Dam Festival October 19

Actually got to go with Tay and Hannah to the festival on Sunday. Harleys outnumbered all bikes by about 10 to 1. Of the Triumph there was more Rockets, Speedmasters and Americas, than anything else, oh and one chopper conversion, but I think the only triumph part on that was the tank. There was two T120's in prestine condition and this lady rider arrived on a T140 with chain guard as passenger, (had fallen off on way there). There was also two T100's on display and a scrambler. Have to say my favorite was a 1927 BSA with Goulding sidecar and picnic basket on back. No swap shop tho

November 4 Taylors B/day

Dont see Tay that much these days as he is working, studying and has a steady girl. As he is studying film and television production, he really wanted a good mobile so got him the new Nokia with Carl Ziese lens.

Nov 16 Loy Kratong Festival Parramatta

This is a festival of water and was actually one of the best I have been to in years. Was a big group of us and had a great time. One friends daughter, who is called ying tong (gold branch) is about 2 and looked so pretty in traditional Thai dress. Forgot to take camera to add more to swap shop!

BSA C10 swap shop feature:

A New Restoration in progress

Below. Triumph Scrambler Steve McQueen Special. Built by Barry @ His Bathurst Triumph Dealership. Bikers Motorcycles.

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Diary 2009 Rooty Hill