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Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Bonneville Era's: Meriden (42 - 83) Harris (84 - 90) Hinckley 1990 onwards (scroll to "Fall and Rise of Triumph" for more detail)


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Picture above is my dad aged 4, in a Sidecar with his parents. Anyone know what bike it is? (Answer @ bottom of page)

Swapped my Triumph 600 TT for the Bonny below. (Not a bad Birthday present at all :-)  Have wanted a Hinckley Triumph Bonneville since they came out in 02.

 As an experiment (and because I want to), going to continue diary with the History of the Triumph Bonneville.

I joined a few Triumph Forums, such as   & now realise I know nothing about Bonnevilles!

Thanks for contributions Doug, Boof, Dakers, Steve, Cloggy Scouser and Pete.

This History is gonna keep getting revised!. Who knows, enough input we may eventually have a comprehensive best seller !



The 1959 Triumph Bonneville

The beginning of a legend for 50 years. Named for Johnny Allen's 214 mph World Record run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1955 on a 650cc Triumph powered streamliner. The Triumph Bonneville would be the basic platform for many other land speed world record attempts and for setting several other world land speed records on a motorcycle.

Bonneville world speed record "AGAIN "on 50th Anniversary !

Part of email from Doug: Attached is a piccie of my Bonneville, No.39, produced on the first day of Bonneville production on Sep 5th 1958. Re The Triumph Bonneville shown as 1959 in red and black on this page "NO Bonneville, left the factory in 1959 with the colours shown". Regards Doug Triumph.

And another myth also broken

The 1959 model was produced in two colour schemes. Blue and grey and orange and grey. None were produced with black oil tank and tool box

Sky Blue and silver 2002 790cc Triumph Bonneville
Please note Sky blue Triumph Bonneville shown on left is NOT stock, and fitted with many extras.  100 year chequer flag on side cover, tank rack, Seat chrome strip & Ped slicer etc



The Sky blue/silver model was only produced as a Bonneville in 2001 and early 2002, the fire stopped further production.

Only 795 produced in 2001/02
10 arrived in Australia
There was actually no official Triumph advertising of the Sky blue or Cobalt Blue models. At least not any I can find

The only two colours shown in promotional advertising for 2001/02 was Scarlet & Silver. And Forest green and Silver.


for info on another two Blue Bonnevilles that were also affected by the factory Fire
in 2002. Cobalt blue and quicksilver AND Sapphire Blue

2002 Centennial 100 years 790 cc T100  (below) Lucifer Orange




 2002 Lucifer Orange/Silver Centennial Edition (C.E). This Bonneville is the only model ever produced by Hinckley in one colour scheme, and the very first 790cc T100.  Although the USA did have some Dealer initiated promotions of 790cc T100 for US market only.

C.E came with metal side covers (showing T100 for 1st time), Speedo/Tacho, and chrome engine crankcase, 1061 produced.

2002 C.E model First one engine no. 156125 28th Jan 02 - 600 made (pre fire)

2003 C.E model Last one engine no. 165881 26th Nov 03 - 461 made (post Fire)

A total of 1061


The Golden Jubilee 2002  (Total 699 kits without screen A9708013-ZGG. 120 with screen A9708015-ZGG).

(At least one kit sold has never been installed, (Here is a pic of it, whether there are more I do not know) To answer Cali Rider "The 02 Golden Jubilee was never a production bike. As stated, it was a dealer installed kit. I dont pretend to be an expert but my facts are from experts who put the research in, and I keep the sources. I do not make flipant remarks like some idiots. If really want to know the best forums for information, or more info, then Contact me!

The golden Jubilee 02 model was a Seller installed kit. With special fuel tank paint job, fenders, side panels and optional extra headlight flyscreen.

Total 699 dealer installed kits without screen

For 2002 Golden Jubilee and 120 with screen

2009 Anniversary (below) next to T120 1959 (Note wrong colour covers on 1959 model. Should be grey)   (Next pic)  Silver Jubilee T140 next to Golden Jubilee T100

Silver Jubilee 1977 (Total of 2400 ) 1000 were originally made bearing the logo 1 of a 1000 on the side panel, due to high demand a further 400 were made, then later 400 more reading Limited edition on the same panel.

 And a fiurther 1000 also went to the U.S. with the different spec.. .


Triumph X-75 Hurricane 1973 Craig Vetter Limited Production (click here)

Triumph T65 BSA Thunderbolt 1972 (Picture near Bottom of this page)

Ok this was not a Triumph in name. The bike was produced in the dying days of the BSA motorcycle empire to satisfy an overseas order for around 200 motorcycles. Unfortunately by the time it came to manufacture, the BSA doors were shut, and the only option was to create a hybrid “BSA” from a Triumph TR6P.The bike looks like a BSA in spirit but is a Triumph at heart. Order specifications called for the 8” twin leading brake, which was earlier fitted to the pre-oil in frame A65. This was mounted to the later aluminium slider forks (which normally carried the conical hub) via a specially made adaptor for the brake plate anchor. Engine-wise the T65 uses a Triumph 650 TR6 unit, with the exception that a unique BSA ignition timing cover was specially cast with the BSA logo to replace the Triumph version. Some might say that this was the best BSA ever produced – as it does not have the dreaded crankshaft bush. Cosmetically the T65 used a BSA petrol tank fitted with small aluminium BSA badges. Also the rear of the dual seat carried the BSA logo.

Introduction of Left hand gear Shift. July 1975 saw the Introduction of the T140V and production with the left hand foot gear change required by US legislation, as well as NVT who marketed the Co Op's product. " The change was carried out by running a simple steel rod, cranked to provide clearance round the clutch, from the gear pedal. which was shortened, to the back of the gearbox. This involved revised inner and outer gearbox covers and joint washers , and a suitable spindle bush, operating quadrant and kickstart axle." Steve Wilson Triumph bonneville. He also states the left hand shift made this bike a NO No for years for a lot of riders who were stubbornly conservative and nervous about the change. Himself included.

Triumph Bonneville 120 RV 1973 & 1980 T140

"Harris" Bonneville above right


Triumph production is discontinued in 1983 and John Bloor buys the Name and the Manufacturing rights (Licence) in the same year.

In 1985 Les Harris of "Racing Spares," a Triumph parts supplier in Devonshire, South West England, under contract by John Bloor, re-commence's Production of the Triumph Bonneville.

Because of this, Triumph remain the oldest Manufacturer of motorcycles (1902 to present) and Transportation (1886) in the world.

But not official Production figures. As no Motorcycles or parts were produced in the 1984 Production year. Royal Enfield  (1890 - Present) Hold this title

(pics) Harris 1985 left and Meridan 1969 T120 below and Hinckley 2002

T140D 1981 Royal Wedding Edition (Black & Chrome 156. Blue & Chrome 276. Total 432.).

2000 Triumph Bonneville

After a 12 year absence from the Triumph line-up, Triumph reintroduces the Bonneville with a re-engineered 790cc 360 degree crank parallel twin. In the following several years Triumph would also introduce two other motorcycles based on the basic Triumph Bonnie that would have a "retro" look to them; the Thruxton, a cafe racing style bike based on the late 1960s style street racers in England & the Scrambler, an enduro style bike based on the street/dirt racing bikes of the mid-late 1960s in the United States.

February 2002 (100 years of Triumph)

March 15 2002, a major fire hits the main factory and it took the company more than six months to recover and get fully back into production.

Hinckley Triumph Bonneville 2000 - 2008

1997: Design prototype initiated. 1998: Prototype engine bench tested. 1999: First 6 development bikes built. 2000: Testing completed in July. Production of 790cc 360 degree DOHC twin starts. Model launched at Intermot, Munich, Germany in September. 2001: Available in 'scarlet red'/silver and forest green/silver. 2002: Polished and lacquered engine cases. Sky blue/silver and Cobalt blue colours added to range. (Also release of the lucifer Orange/Silver Centennial Model & an Instal kit for 2002 Golden Jubilee Cobalt Blue Hinckley)

T100 790cc 2002 - 2004 Colours (Sapphire blue AT3120300-JJ (IVC) with White infill and Red coachline & Goodwood Green with Gold infill.

Triumph bonneville Cobalt blue is the original colour prior to fire and is a very rare colour with no official triumph advertising at time of introduction. If you Click this link though, there are comparison pictures of both the Sapphire and the Cobalt blue bikes with information.

Introduction of T100, From Official Triumph site

"Built on the timeless lines of the Bonneville, but sporting the twin top-yoke-mounted instruments that true traditionalists crave, the T100 also features rubber knee-grips on a two-tone finished fuel tank. To add that extra dimension of unashamed extravagance, the engine covers are finished in lustrous chrome for a modern take on that full-on café-racer flavour.Powered by the same specification engine as the more basic Bonneville and running the same sweet-handling chassis, the T100 expands the massively popular Triumph twin range yet further and adds another distinctive styling option for the discerning rider. Beyond that, the T100, in Goodwood Green with Gold infill, or in classic Sapphire Blue T3120300-JM (DUPONT)with White infill and Red coachline, ensures another great model from Triumph’s illustrious ‘ton-up’ past rides again in style."

2003: Colours now jet black or cardinal red. No engine changes. 2004: New black engine covers. No engine changes. T100 Bonneville is introduced in jet black/opal white or saphire blue/opal white or Goodwood green/Aztec gold. Launch of Triumph Thruxton Models 2005: New colours scheme introduced for all models. 2006: Introduction of the accessory laden 'Sixty-Eight' Bonneville T100 gets silver crankcase. Launch of Triumph Scrambler models 2007:Colour options: Jet black opal white or Tornado red (50 Lucufer Orange/Silver models produced for UK Only) All models now with 865cc engine. Adjustable clutch and brake lever.Two Hinckley Triumph Factories opened in Thailand for production. For pictures of my visit. Go to Gallery 2008: All models now equipped with electronic fuel injection (due on US models in 2009): Colour options include all black standard model. Introduction of Anniversary Model Orange/grey and Sky Blue/grey.


2002 790cc Golden Jubilee (Above)

2006 865cc T100 Cardinal Red/Black (Above right) 

2002 Scarlet 790cc Bonny (left)

2002 Centennial 100 years 790 cc T100  (below) Lucifer


2009 Triumph Bonneville T100 & SE

Triumph's iconic nameplate, "Bonneville", celebrates it's 50th anniversary. Only 650 Anniversary models are produced. In conjunction with the Anniversary model, Triumph releases the

Triumph Bonneville SE series with Seventies-look 17-inch cast alloy wheels from 19" at the front and rear, shorter mudguards and revised ergonomics for manoeuvrablity, the Peashooter exhaust is replaced with megaphone silencers and a new tank badge is used. All 2009 models now have EFI. This I believe would be a great bike for the shorter rider. Also easier to fix a puncture.

Triumph Bonneville 2009 Anniversary model below is owned and modified by X-Chopper

2009 Triumph Thruxton and A1

From 2009 the Thruxton had clip-ons replaced with M bars. The Triumph Thruxton uses the same 865cc parallel-Twin as the other four Modern Classics, but the addition of EFI and high-compression pistons give the Thruxton 2 additional horsepower and 1 more ft-lbs of torque over the Triumph Bonneville ’s claimed 67 hp and 51 ft-lbs. Other updates for ’09 include handlebars that are now 1.5 inches closer to the rider and 2.5 inches higher courtesy of new bar risers; bar-end mirrors are standard. And in 2010 an A1 Bonneville is introduced. The higher-specification Bonneville SE A1! includes more comprehensive instrumentation, including a tacho, a chromed tank badge and brushed alloy engine casings. Check out links below (this will open a new page, so wont lose this page):

Triumph Thruxton Ace Cafe 904 Special Edition & 2010 Red frame SE


The Bonneville becomes water cooled

2016 Triumph Street Tracker 1100cc

Will it replace the Bonneville >> Click here

2016 Models official

 900cc Street Twin, 1200cc T120 and T120 Black Bonneville, 1200cc Thruxton and up-spec Thruxton R.

The engines come in two sizes— Both water cooled  - 900cc and 1200cc—with 270° firing intervals.

2017 Models official

 900cc Street Cup, Bonneville T100 Both eight-valve, 270-degree-crank, 900cc and reintroducing screw on tank badges ! 

triumph eyebrow tank badge screw

Wonder if the new screw type badges used on water cooled models fit the Hinckley original tanks with the screw type badges?

Answer: "NO"... "Screw positions are not in the same place as the air cooled model tanks with screw on badges"


MISC TRIUMPH INFORMATION BELOW (Not just Bonneville or Trumpy)


Triumph Phoenix (AKA Diana ) Picture of Doug Mogano of Italy next to the Triumph Phoenix at the Triumph factory in Meriden in 1983. This bike was never produced and this example, the only one, was made of wood & clay. It was displayed on March 1983 at the Birmingham motorcycle show.

Wonder what happened to it?   ANSWER HERE >>  >>   Phoenix AKA Diana


Triumph Bandit 350cc

Only a handful of Triumph Bandit 350 and BSA Fury motorbikes were made, because financial problems forced the model to be cancelled before it went into production.

One of these pre-production prototypes is now in residence at the Coventry Transport Museum, and one is actually in Australia.

Click on Picture of the Triumph Bandit for more information, or use this link.

Triumph Bandit & BSA Fury Info

Triumph History 

Click Here 4 Story of the Bonneville


1969 TT Video, actually states the Bonneville was named after Bob Lepan. This is "Not True" It was named after Johnny Allen's 214 mph World Record run at the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1955 on a 650cc Triumph powered streamliner.

126 Years of Triumph History Author S. Winslow

Diary Part 1

Diary continued (FROM TRIUMPH TO VW)



Triumph Bonneville

Triumph Rocket

Triumph Speedmaster

Triumph Trident

Triumph Tiger

Triumph Bandit

Triumph Thruxton

Triumph bonneville Centenary Logo now available to swap !!. For more information click on Logo picture above. Also.


If anyone has a Triumph and would like a picture included, or would like to make revisions to the History. CLICK HERE to Contact me.

Black & White bike is a TR7 RU 1978 750 TIGER with a US export tank. Bike on Right Thunderbird 1956

"Ultimate Bonnie".

"Don't know and I certainly cannot be held out as a typical example of anything. Excepting perhaps only madness and the lasting effects of a public school education.I have had old Triumphs (they not really all that Old to me! and I have had newer Triumphs, and I have had a Hinckley. If I could only have one - I would not even hesitate before choosing the Hinckley. As much as I love the past - I would choose the Hinckley. Now if the question was: any of them brand new - the answer would be more difficult. But the Hinckley is a damned fine motorcycle.

And the fact that I can have a new one just puts it over the decision-making top to me. I love an old workshop, I love fondling tools, I love the smell of old greases and gasoline, and oil soaked wooden workbenches. But . . . do I like them more than I like riding? No. I don't want to give up either one but the shop would be easier than riding the bike. I worked on a set of four carburetors which were not really "old" - 1981, for more than a week and never got them all working right at the same time. Over the last four days I have been tinkering with reviving another smaller bike.. Much of that time taken up with carburetor work. Just an hour ago I figured out that the slight fuel leak was due to the tiny brass internal overflow tube having a microscopic crack in it. I have stacks of parts bikes and so set about finding and cleaning and prepping and testing a suitable replacement fuel bowl. But imagine that I didn't have that advantage. Of course I could have fixed the leak if it came to the bowl being irreplaceable. For that matter; I could have fabricated a new fuel bowl. But do I want to? In preference to riding? No. Triumph has made some really fine motorcycles over the last hundred years. If the first one had been perfect there may never have been a Hinckley. But the fact is that there is. It came about through the search for a better bike and to my mind, in an overall sense; they have achieved it. It is genuinely an excellent unit. It is head-turningly handsome, silky smooth, comfortable, pleasant, and does everything well. It is rock-solid reliable, never leaks, and I can buy oil filters in any auto parts store. And it is new. And so it more easily and smoothly supplies more of the single indispensable reason for the existence of motorcycling - the riding. Stephen"

My reply This is my final choice (I promise) Stephen has converted me and my choice is my 800 cc Hinckley. My 1st choice was the Les Harris but it was pointed out that the ES has Electric start and looks the same. So I changed to ES. But would I get rid of my Hinckley if someone offered a straight swap for the Les or ES? The answer is NO. I am no mechanic and I love my baby 2002 that is reliable and I can take to a mechanic. What would I do with an old style bike? Simply nothing at all. I have never not loved Triumph Bonnevilles, but My baby is my choice. The 2002 800cc. The bike I have and will never sell. ( unless a newer model with kickstart is introduced :-)

( BSA )Triumph Thunderbolt T65 1972




Triumph bonneville Bikes, Parts and Accessories (Click Here)

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Triumph Bonneville and others (NSFW) Click Here


Answer re Bike with Sidecar at very Top of this page: Motorbike is BSA 350 B31 OR B32 NOT sure. Fuel tank green and silver remainder black. love to you all Dad.(Pic below. ALSO USEFULL LINKS ATTACHED TO BOTH BSA PICS)

"No DAD! That was your bike! The bike with Sidecar was owned by Uncle Jack." :-)

Actual Answer provided by Jim:

Uncle Jack's hack looks to be a 1932 Douglas Model H32.

Footnote. I believe the sidecar is a Douglas 600cc supersport with Dickey seat, trunk and door. Bike may even be a 1932 600cc Douglas D32 Greyhound?

dusting fibreglass